Woo Like a Pirate Day With Gibson!

It's a fun memory from our 2015 treasure chest for today's international 
Talk Like a Pirate Day... 

 "Awooo, Mateys! Pirate Gib here t' put a wee bit of fun in yer Sunday. 'Tis me dressed 'ere in me pirate's hat from a past Howloween! Shiver me wooly fur, this pirate stuff be fun!"

Oh, how I miss my boy's beautiful handsome face! Gibson was always up for some fun! I hope he is having a fun Pirate's Day with his mates Harley, Chloe, and Bandit north of the Rainbow Bridge!


"Not all treasure is silver and gold, Mate."
~Jack Sparrow

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  1. Aww, what a sweet handsome boy who looked like he was up for any adventure. On the seas or otherwise.


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