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Sugar is sweet...and so are maple tree roots!

Now that the snow has mostly melted, and the mud puddles finally dried up (at least until the spring rains come), my five Sibes have taken to their second favorite hobby, digging. Now anyone who has a wonderful Siberian Husky knows that aside from their ultimate favorite sport—running—digging comes in a very close second. So, in their backyard (yes, they actually have their own backyard to do whatever they want in!) we have this humongous maple tree that gives them awesome shade in the summer, and is a thing of beauty in the autumn. That is, unless a family of five Sibes comes along and digs holes large enough to bury a small building in, thereby exposing all the roots of said maple tree. In the Sibe world, that means one thing— Jackpot! The roots are the equivalent to a ton of sugar in the human world. So, here are all my babies, in their absolute glory digging and chewing and sucking the maple sweetness out of the tree’s lower extremities. And exactly what do those spiking sugar lev