Friday, March 5, 2010

Sugar is sweet...and so are maple tree roots!

Now that the snow has mostly melted, and the mud puddles finally dried up (at least until the spring rains come), my five Sibes have taken to their second favorite hobby, digging. Now anyone who has a wonderful Siberian Husky knows that aside from their ultimate favorite sport—running—digging comes in a very close second. So, in their backyard (yes, they actually have their own backyard to do whatever they want in!) we have this humongous maple tree that gives them awesome shade in the summer, and is a thing of beauty in the autumn. That is, unless a family of five Sibes comes along and digs holes large enough to bury a small building in, thereby exposing all the roots of said maple tree. In the Sibe world, that means one thing—Jackpot! The roots are the equivalent to a ton of sugar in the human world. So, here are all my babies, in their absolute glory digging and chewing and sucking the maple sweetness out of the tree’s lower extremities. And exactly what do those spiking sugar levels do to them? Now, we all know how energetic Sibes are on normal day, now let’s multiply that by 10,000 giant “Pixie Stixes,” and you guessed it, five amped up Husky kids! When my daughter brought them in, they had quite the case of the "zoomies!" They were hyper, eyes wide, hopping and skipping across the wood floor, sailing through the air, and touching down (briefly) on the furniture, all in an awkward, staccato, maple sugar-filled high that played out with a definitive rhythm that went something like this: Floor, chair, sofa. Sofa, chair, floor. Slide, stop, jump, slide, sofa, chair, floor. Now, naturally, my Husky kids are outside on the deck crashed out sleeping peacefully in their famous Husky huddle, probably having visions of giant Pixie Stixes dancing in their heads! Whew…after all that, I think we need a nap!


  1. Woo made my mom smile with the Pixie Stix reFURence! She grew up with them!

    I'm going to have to try some of my own as my favourite tree is a maple too!


  2. Thanks for visiting our blog. We think you are all just beautiful.

    Phantom has outgrown the digging stage - at age 11 he will once in a while get curious but is usually pretty good. Thunder at almost 4 is doing better but with his new sister Ciara, we are sure there is bound to be some major tunneling here.

    Pixie Sticks - ha - Mom remembers those as a kid too. Many moons ago.

    Woos, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. OH yes. . the digging. . It's almost that time of year again here. . the ground is getting to be unfrozen. . and Shelby is a crazy digger!!!

    Woo Woooo
    Shiloh, Shelby, and their Mom!

  4. All that zooming around stuff sounds like a BLAST!!!
    None of us are diggers. Well, no.... Zim likes to dig in the biped bed, but just enough to short-sheet it. Ha woo, he's such a kick.

  5. Just stopping by and saying hi! Always looking for some new furpals. :)

  6. We sure know how The Herd loves to dig - and are very glad there is no maple tree for them to drink from. I can only imagine the havoc.