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The Benefits of Cucumbers for Dogs

Last summer, we grew our own cucumbers in the backyard of our new place. Now, I love cucumbers, but did you know dogs love them, too? And they are actually good for them and can help hydrate on hot days? (Always keep fresh water available for your pet. Cucumbers are not meant to replace water, but are a good source of additional hydration). With the hot dog days of summer upon us here, I thought it would be a good time to talk about the benefits of giving cucumbers to our dogs. My boy Wolfie loved cukes! Pictured here from last summer, he was enjoying sampling our freshly picked cucumbers.  Did you know there are many benefits to cucumbers for dogs?     ***But, first, as with anything new for your dog's diet, always check with your dog's vet first. And always feed in moderation to avoid gastrointestinal upset.*** According to Dr. Marty (, not only are they a good low-calorie treat for our dogs, but cucumbers contain and are " Cucumber for dogs is perfectly