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Preparing Your Dog for Back-to-School Time!

August has just arrived, and while our FiveSibes family and many other folks are still enjoying the summer time soaking up the sun and splashing in the water, the thought of school is not that far off. Some families are busy with the annual ritual of back-to-school shopping and physicals, and some kids have already started classes! But if you are in areas where September means back-to-school time, this post is for you! While items such as bookbags, notebooks, and pencils are being added to shopping lists, the transition from summer sun to school-time fun could actually be a stressful one for pets. Here are a few of my FiveSibes "golden rules" to help ease the change for our furry best friends and their human pals: Practice Makes Perfect (Sense)
 Before the first day of school arrives, practice walking to the bus stop or driving your child to school with your dog accompanying you to introduce both your dog and child to the new routine.   Positive Reinforcement