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It's Time for #FiveSibes Howling Huskies!

It's a "woo-y" Wednesday at FiveSibes! While settling in for some relaxing family TV time last night, the pups decided they wanted the remote to watch something more dog appropriate and voiced their opinion, Siberian Husky style! BOL! (And if you are familiar with the breed, they love to howl and sing)! The interesting thing is our alpha queen Harley is now deaf, but Wolf makes sure he gets real close to her to include her in their songfest. Amazing to watch, and while they are a little out of tune, just as amazing to hear! So turn up the volume, and tell us if your dog joined  in the howlfest, or if your pet even noticed! Hope you enjoy their song! Today we are noisily joining in the Pet Parade Blog Hop hosted by Dash Kitten , Bionic Basil & Barking From the Bayou !  Click For FiveSibes Blog Home Page Click For FiveSibes *New* Website