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Giddyup! Celebrating Day of the Cowboy/Cowgirl on a Flashback Friday!

My FiveSibes in a flashback Western portrait I created: (l-r) Wild West Wolf, Badlands Bandit, Prairie Girl Chloe, Saloon Madam Harley, and Marshall Gentleman Gib decked out in their Western finest in front of an old abandoned (and maybe haunted?) house in Upstate, NY. This was such a fun photoshoot! Yahoo! National Day of the Cowboy (and Cowgirl) was July 28th this year (held on the fourth Saturday of July), and if you know me, you will know that I am the daughter of a cowboy who broke in wild mules in Montana during the 1930s as a youth when he was in the Conservation Corps and stationed there. Fast forward 40 years, and my dad moved my family out of the suburbs of Queens, New York to 10-acres of land atop a mountain in Upstate, New York, where he added a few head of horses, most he rescued, to our growing newbie country family! While my father passed away from a massive heart attack just three short years after we moved and while he was setting up our ranch, I was so fortunate