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Acupressure and Ice to Relieve Seizures and A #LiveGibStrong Epi-Tip

*Updated March 2022   Our Vet-Approved FiveSibes #LiveGibStrong  "Cooling Down an Epi-Dog: Where Do I Put Cold Packs?" Informational Poster   Poster Is A Great Resource for:     ✔︎ Veterinarian Offices ✔︎ Vet ER  Hospitals ✔︎ Rescues & Shelters ✔︎ Dog Wardens & Animal Control Officers ✔︎ Trainers ✔︎ Groomers ✔︎ Dog Walkers  ✔︎ Dog Parks  ✔︎ Pet Supply Stores & Boutiques ✔︎ Dog Friendly Businesses ✔︎ Police Departments ✔︎ Fire Departments   To request FREE* printed copies, simply send an Email with #Paws4Purple Materials in Subject line and what you'd like copies of and how many, to:  of the Purple Day® Every Day as Presented by The Anita Kaufmann Foundation    For More Info on Canine Epilepsy, Please Visit Our #LiveGibStrong Online Library & Resource Page HERE.   Here's a great tip, diagram and explanation from Tallgrass Acupuncture Institute as to why ice on certain acupressure points can be a relief for a dog with seizures and