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Be Smart Ride Safe® Take the Pledge - We Did! Blog for the Change for Animals!

The FiveSibes buckle-up; do you? Going for a ride is one of their favorite things to do. They get so excited as soon as they they hear their leashes or the words "car ride." They each have their own favorite way of riding, some with their nose stuck out the window, sometimes with their head lying on the console to feel the a/c, or just sitting perfectly still gazing out the window. Whichever way they prefer is totally up to them...and belting them in is totally up to me.  Since it is National Animal Protection & Safety Month, and today is also Blog the Change for Animals (BtC), it's also the perfect time to talk about the Be Smart Ride Safe® campaign. Have you taken the pledge? I sure have! I am an avid supporter of buckling up when in a vehicle - both Hu and Sibe family members alike. I have for several years now used a safety belt on each of my Sibes. We have used both types of restraints, the harness style and the seatbelt style. The latter is my preference as