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First Donation Check From Buddy the Husky Book is in the Mail! And...It's Been Named "Best in Print" by American Pet Magazine!

Bandit is so excited to send Buddy, the Christmas Husky the first donation check from a portion of sales from my book on him called, Buddy, the Christmas Husky~Based on a True Holiday Miracle. While he is the Christmas Husky (named that because he was found and saved on Christmas Day), his story is for all seasons - how an abused, abandoned, and sick Siberian Husky was saved by a stranger who helped him find a happy home and lots of people across the world who love him! You can read in a previous post all about Buddy HERE . And you can also follow Buddy on his Facebook page of the same name HERE . Be sure to tell him the FiveSibes sent you! We want to take a moment to say "Thank You" to all Hey! Easter Bunny, don't forget me! who ordered my Buddy book, illustrated by the very talented Barbara K. Slocum, and thank you for all the wonderful comments about the book, and for your support of Buddy. We couldn't have made this donation, which we hope is one of many