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Happy Valentine's Day!!!

♥ Have a LOVEly Valentine's day!♥ O n a side note, as some of you were so nice as to comment about them, I had some cute falling hearts and a splashy Valentine's Day widget on my blog to add some festiveness to it. Then suddenly, my blog was "highjacked!" It sent readers to a variety of other websites. Some of you I know were kind enough to alert me to that issue. Then, I couldn't access my own blog at times from this. Very frustrating!!! Thanks to three wonderful folks - one who alerted me to the terrible "art" of highjacking so I actually had an idea of what was happening, and to another (my friend and tech guru!) for helping me fix it! Unfortunately, you can not speak to anyone at Blogger (either by phone or Email), so I posted a notice in the Blogger Help Forum - and I did indeed get a speedy response that, too, was helpful. So lesson learned here  - be careful of the widgets!!!