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Happy Birthday, Harley!

T oday is a very special day - it's the birthday of our Alpha Queen - Nanuk "Harley" Mari. Harley is our very first Siberian Husky furbaby. My daughter had wanted one for many years, and Harley was the pup she picked out of the three remaining pups in a litter. They instantly bonded and to this day, share a very special connection. Harley has been to many amazing places. She has ridden in a police car (several times) with her Hu-Dad, attended court, been to the food store, rode on a boat (and got seasick!), attended school, frequented McDonald's drive-through (for vanilla ice cream), and so many other fun things.  The Birthday Girl! H arley is an absolutely amazing Sibe. She understands and communicates brilliantly. Sometimes she understands too much! She is always ready for a good (rough) game of Tug-O-War or Fetch, and is the true queen of this household, ruling over both humans and canines alike! Even with all of her Siberian Husky attitude (and she can sure g