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Happy 10th Anniversary to Tails on the Trails!

The sled dog team was ready! This past Saturday, we had the pleasure of being at the Tails of the Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue's 10th Annual "Tails on the Trails" Husky fundraising hike that was held in the beautiful Warminster Community Park in Pennsylvania. When we were invited by TOTTSHR to come, I was so excited! I've always wanted to attend, and have participated with the Sibe kids as "remote" walkers in the past to help raise funds for this wonderful rescue. This was my first year there, and it was great! I met so many beautiful Siberian Huskies and other canines, as well as a lot of very nice people, including some readers of this blog and my FiveSibes: Siberian Husky K9 News & Reviews Facebook page who were fans of Gibson, Harley, Wolf, Chloe, and Bandit! There were some "The Sibe Vibe" listeners, too!  Our Harley all decked out! I had fun signing some books, shooting photographs, and also doing a little shopping of my own!