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For the Love of Dog Treats!

    February certainly is a busy month! With keeping Cupid busy with sharing love and Valentines on February 14th , did you know it is also a tasty month for our furry best friends, too? It sure is! February 23rd is International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day ! I can hear all the happy, drooling dogs smacking their lips right now in anticipation for their favorite treats, can’t you?! One of the many ways we can show our love for our dogs   is by offering them some delicious, wholesome dog treats. But, with all the dog food and treat recalls, how is a dog parent to feel secure about the treats they are giving their dogs?   1. Read the Ingredients List. If there is an ingredient listed you can’t pronounce, or would not eat yourself, or not sure of its origin, then do not feed it to your dog .   2. Research the Company. Stick to companies you have been getting your dog treats from and trust. If it is a company new to you, do your homework! A) Research the company