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FiveSibesMom Birthday on Flashback Friday #42!

"Best Birthday cake everrrr!" The FiveSibes here...this is one of the times during the year we sneak into Mom's writing studio and take over her blog! For today's Flashback Friday, we'd like to post a few pics of what Hu-Mom says was "the best Birthday cake everrrrr!" from last year! It featured cool custom-made Huskies of each of us)! It was soooo good (Mom shared a bit of the inside with us. She also kept all of the cake Husky figures, shellacked them, and they are in her curio cabinet)! And here's the music video we did for her flashing back a few years. We hope you'll enjoy our song and this very special Flashback Friday from us! And thanks for all your friendship and support over the years! Woooo! We think she's coming, so we better run off so she doesn't see our surprise! Thanks for joining us! We sure hope you will join us once again in ou r weekly strolls down Memory Lane with our FiveSibes Flashback Friday