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Happy Easter! Here Comes the Easter FiveSibes!

Here comes the Siberian Cotton Tails, wooing down the Bunny Trail. .. We just loved all the wonderful furpals from around the World who joined us in last year's Easter Parade of Pets, that we just had to share again this year! You may even recognize a few beautiful furry faces! And as you get ready to have some fun this Easter Sunday, just as a reminder, here's a repeat of some safety tips for us all to keep in mind while celebrating this holiday to ensure it's a happy one for all. After the baskets have been found and the egg hunt is over, while dinner is being prepared and guests are arriving, please keep an eye out for the following dangers: Keep pets behind gates, doors, or in kennels as guest arrive & depart so pets don't pull a Houdini and escape Easter plants and flowers, i.e. lillies Easter basket grass (better yet, don't use it; use crumpled up tissue paper)  Easter basket toys Chocolate (and be careful where those chocolate eg

It's Tasty Tuesday! The FiveSibes Taste Test House Wolf K-9 Biscuits and We're Hosting A Tasty Giveaway for Sibe Rescues!

No one gets between Wolf & his House Wolf biscuits! Recently, we discovered the House Wolf K-9 Dog Biscuits . These are healthy homemade dog treats made in Vermont, USA. They are baked by the owners of the Edelweiss Bakery and Cafe , and were inspired by the family's three Siberian Huskies, "Sasha," "Dakota," and "Kayak" to make their own biscuits.  They state, "We were concerned about what they didn't need in their diets so we researched a more holistic approach to their feeding.  The Wolf came to mind and being our K-9 friends are not to far removed from the Wolf, we research on how they lived and ate in the wild.  Our three didn't need artificial food colorings, preservatives and starches and syrups (sweeteners) nor did they need Humectant and Plasticizer so their biscuits and treats maintained dampness and flexibility.  This is where we developed a biscuit for the three of them that had a much more healthier approach.&

It's Purple Day!

Have your dogs gone purple? Today is a very special day. It’s Purple Day . A day to spread awareness of Epilepsy by wearing the color purple. Last year, I was made a Purple Day Ambassador for life, and as such, as many of you know, I have made it my mission to spread the word about Canine Epilepsy. My boy, Gibson, diagnosed as an Epi-dog four years ago when he turned three, has been my inspiration to shine light on these amazing warrior dogs and how they do not stop living life just because they have seizures or Canine Epilepsy. Once, the recommended treatment for dogs with seizures was euthanasia. Not so anymore. There are many possible treatments to try ranging from medical to holistic and dietary, and/or a combination of both. With some special care and a lot of love, Epi-dogs can and do live full happy lives, for however long those lives may be. How Did Purple Day Start? According to, “Purple Day was founded in 2008, by nine-year-old Cassid

Art & Sled Dogs: "Born to Run" Book Review and In-Depth Interview with Author/Pet Portrait Artist Jewel Mathieson

"Woo, Chloe, I'm going to be in Jewel's next book!" Today’s blog post features a book review on the beautifully illustrated Born to Run and an interview with the talented animal portrait artist and now author, Jewel Mathieson of New Zealand who creates very detailed works of art using the medium of colored pencils. Her works have been featured in books and publications worldwide, and in 2010, she was the recipient of the “Runner Up” Award in the Arts Council Nelson Impressions Art Awards. Born to Run is filled with beautiful pet portraits by Jewel of real-life dogs. She says she has been “passionate about art for as long as I can remember, with many of my childhood hours spent sketching, drawing and painting. Although I found inspiration in a variety of subjects, I predominantly drew wild animals, and old antiquated architecture but nothing fascinated me more than wolves. When I was seven, this passion extended to Spitz breed dogs when our famil