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Husky on a CAT on a Merry Meme Monday!

Spring is in full force here, and today's Merry Meme is just perfect for this time of year! This features Gil Munoz's beautiful white Husky with a very catchy caption by Gina Ledet!  So, when was the last time you saw a Husky on a CAT?! BOL! Where's that Husky?! Our FiveSibes™ Merry Meme Caption Contest is periodically hosted over on our FiveSibes: Siberian Husky K9 News & Reviews Facebook page featuring gorgeous Siberian Huskies and clever memes suggested by and voted by on our readers. Mondays have you down? Come join us each week for some Merry Memes and lots of smiles! Would you like to see your Husky or northern breed featured in a meme? Post your pic on our Facebook page or Email it to us at FiveSibesHuskyNews(at)gmail(dot)com and put "Meme Caption Contest" in subject line! We'll post it on our page and the caption suggestion with the most likes, wins, and we turn it into a poster crediting both photographer