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Meet Epi-Star LILY for November Epilepsy Awareness Month

   Epi-Star "Lily"       by Dorothy Wills-Raftery    This month, November, as my you know from following us here at FiveSibes, is Epilepsy Awareness Month , and in honor of my Epi-boy, Gibson, I continue advocating for dogs with Epilepsy (Epi-dogs) to show the world that they are pretty amazing and can do anything non-Epis can do!   This month I began a new feature on my blog to introduce everyone to some amazing dogs who live/have lived with Canine Epilepsy, but never letting that stop them from enjoying life!! I call these dogs “Epi-Stars” and if you’ve been following us this month, my new feature is showing how these amazing Epi-dogs greet each day as only a dog can do—with joy and happiness.   I started this journey of Canine Epilepsy awareness with my Gibson in 2009, shortly after his third birthday, and became an official Purple Day® for Epilepsy Ambassador in 2012. Over more than a decade, I have met—and am still meeting—some pretty wonderful Epi-dogs and t