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Celebrating My Dear Daughter's Birthday on a Special #FiveSibes Flashback Friday!

Today is a very special day and Flashback Friday here at's my darling daughter's (our FiveSibes co-guardian) birthday! Not only is she my amazing girl whom I am so very proud of, but she's also my best friend! She has assisted in the raising, training, and caring for our FiveSibes. Our amazing journey together with our five Siberian Huskies initially all goes back to her love of the breed and that wonderful day almost 14 years ago when she chose puppy Harley and puppy Harley chose her, and we welcomed our (future) alpha queen to our family! Shortly after, we were hit with the "Potato Chip Theory," which is once you have one Siberian Husky, you want (need) more! So, over the period of two years, we added four more, and they became the FiveSibes!  Prior to Huskies, we had two wonderful rescues, Sandy, the first dog my husband and I welcomed after being married, 13 years later, Chelsey came bounding into our lives and was my daughter's c