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#FiveSibes Flashback Friday: Gib, Pool's Open!

I remember this sweet day so clearly, it was June 2015...unbeknownst to me at the time, it was my Gibson's last summer with us. My husband had just opened our pool for the season and Gibbie and I just "chilled out" on the deck together. My big fluffy buddy boy. My spirit guide. My furry best friend. My Epi warrior. My heart dog. Gibson was the lover of the pack of FiveSibes. He was such a gentle soul. We had that magical human-canine connection; we could communicate without saying a word. He was such an amazing dog. I'm so glad for all the memories, and so happy for each and every moment spent with him and all of my FiveSibes! After we go through the pain of losing our furry best friend, and learning to live without them, what we have left are all those amazing moments spent together. While bittersweet, they fill my heart with love all over again each time I revisit one of those special moments with him caught on film. "Today's special moments are tomor