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Hide-n-Go Leaf Peeping on a #FlashbackFriday!

  FiveSibes #Flashback Photo ~ Bandit ~ Autumn 2015   Ah, our sweet, silly, crazy girl, Bandit, a/k/a "Bee." She could always make us laugh, or go "Oh, Bee!" She loved to do all those crazy Siberian Husky things you read about, or have witnessed first-hand as a Husky parent or caregiver! On this particular day, it was late Autumn and we had huge maple trees in our backyard that were gorgeous and full of color! A perfect backdrop for so many of my photos. The downside to maples is all the leave they drop! Well, I didn't mind them! And the FiveSibes loved to run through them and the louder the crunch, the faster they would run and play! Here, Bandit dove head first into a leaf pile and basically was peeping out at me, playing Peek-A-Boo-Sibe! I have many others of her playing ~and hiding ~ in the leaves, but this one seems to be the perfect one for bringing back the great memories I have of her and her playfulness (craziness)! With having just Wolfie now, things a

Woo! The Weekend is in Sight!

  Who else is excited for the weekend? I write this as I sit outside trying to enjoy what would be an exceptional summer-like Autumn day (formerly known as "Indian Summer" or, if you prefer Shakespeare's expression, "All Halloween Summer") with it being mid-October and the temps are once again warm in the 70s ...sounds wonderful, right? The only problem is the bees have gone crazy! They are buzzing in our faces, erratically flying high and low and right into our faces!!! They know the cold snap is coming. My Wolfie does not like the resurgence of heat at all. Not the heat nor the dive-bombing bees. He rather come out when it is cooler, otherwise, he prefers being inside chilling on his bed in the a/c! And not to rush the season, but I'm with Wolfie. I will welcome the dip in temperature, but not too much yet. Just enough so these darn bees can give it a rest! Either way, we are almost to the weekend! And the forecast says a bit of rain on Saturday, followed

Pumpkin Picking Time! 🎃

  Woo! It's our fave time of year here at FiveSibes -- Autumn! For today's #FlashbackFriday, we are not going too far down Memory Lane as this is from this year's season! My son-in-law and grandson planted a garden that included pumpkins, so we didn't have to go far for some pretty awesome ones, including a jumbo pumpkin!  Wolfie is all ready to go pumpkin picking, so come on along!    "Woo! I spy a pumpkin or two, do you?!"     "Sniff-sniff. Woo...this one is call a snowball pumpkin. It's white like me! As a snow dog, this may be my favorite one!" "I love it when my boy comes with me to check on the pumpkins! Woo! There's another one! See it?!"     "Wooooo! this is a big one! My hu-family can really carve or paint a whole scene on this one! I think they should make a Husky design - like me! I'd look good with my face on a pumpkin. What do you think?!"         "Woo. Well that was fun, wasn't it?! I love that w

Book Nook Time! FiveSibesMom Published in New Christmas Chicken Soup for the Soul Book!

  Woo! Wolfie and I are very excited to share the news that my  story "The Perfect Tree" has been published in the soon-to-be-released Chicken Soup for the Soul book, The Blessings of Christmas! "The Perfect Tree" was inspired by a true event from when I was a teenager and the first Christmas after my father passed, along with my dog, I went out in search of the "perfect tree" to cut down and surprise my mother. You'll have to read the story to find out just how perfect that tree was!     "Royalties from this book benefit Toys For Tots!"   I hope you purchase this wonderful book, or consider purchasing one as a gift for a loved one. What's better gift than a book? And a book filled with true inspirational Christmas and holiday (including Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and New Year's) stories!  Editors at Chicken Soup for the Soul offer this about their new seasonal book: "Prepare to be inspired by these magical tales of giving, gratitu

Pretty, Pretty Pupsters on a #FlashbackFriday!

  "My sunshine doesn't come from the skies, It comes from the love in my dog's eyes."     ~Author Unknown  #Flashback Photo ~ #FiveSibes Pupsters: Bandit, Chloe & Wolfie ~ February 2018   What a difference just a few years makes. How I do miss my Pupsters Bandit, Chloe, and Wolfie being together and giving me those gorgeous blue-eyed stares for a share of whatever I was eating, or to go wherever I was going. How it made my heart happy to know that these three littermates would never be separated and be able to enjoy growing up and old together as part of our family. It was one of my life's wondrous experiences having been able to bring these three Pupsters home when they were just eight weeks old to add to our original two-pack of Harley and Gibson. Some days were crazy and full of puppy mayhem, but they were also filled with fun, laughter, and whole lot of puppy love.        Wondering if it is a good idea to raise littermates together?  Check out my article