Run Free, My Sweet Boy, Wolfie. I love you forever.

Wolfgang White Wolf of Mystic Mountain
January 19, 2008 ~ December 4, 2021
"Santa's New K9 Elf!"

Run Free, Bee, With Our Love

"Bandit" of Mystic Mountain
January 19, 2008 ~ October 24, 2020 
"Run, Bee, Run, As Fast As You Can!"

Run Free, Beloved Harley, 

Momma & Alpha Queen of FiveSibes Huskies 

Nanuk "Harley" Mari
March 10, 2005 ~ September 13, 2019
"We Will Love & Miss You Forever, Our Beautiful Momma Har"


Love you, Sweet CoCo Puff

"Chloe" Van Wylde of Mystic Mountain
January 19, 2008 ~ June 22, 2019
“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself." ~Josh Billings

I'll Love You Forever, My Sweet FurAngel Gibson

My Heart Dog

"Gibson" Les Paul of Mystic Mountain

 January 6, 2006 ~ December 16, 20015      
 "I'm coming home I'm coming home Tell the world I'm coming home..." ~Skylar Gray

 Run Free, Our Beloved Girl
Gotcha Day - June 15, 1994 
 Earned FurAngel Wings 2007


 Run Cancer Free, Our Boy, Sandy

Gotcha Day September 1982 ~ June 15, 1994
Our First Dog as a Married Couple 

Pawprints on My Heart
~Author Unknown
"You came into my heart one day, 
So beautiful and smart, 
My dear and sweet companion, 
I loved you from the start. 
And though I knew the time 
would come, 
When we would have to part, 
You’ll never be forgotten, 
You left paw prints on my heart."

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