Run Free My Sweet Wolf, I'll Love You Forever ๐Ÿ’™ And Thank You For Sending The Snow Signs

 My #FiveSibes are now forever reunited.

If you follow me on social media, you know by now that my last of my beloved FiveSibes, Wolfgang "Wolf" or "Wolfie" has earned his silver harness. 

This is a very difficult post to write. Not only was Wolfie my baby boy of the FiveSibes, but he was the last of my pack. "We" are now an I, "me," and turning the page to this new chapter in life is simply put, heartbreaking. To step back and realize that 16 years has passed since welcoming "Harley," our first Siberian Husky and the OG "alpha queen" of our future FiveSibes pack, is quite mind-blowing. Sixteen years has passed in what seems like a blink of an eye.

The eyes that captured my heart.

Wolfie was a gorgeous boy. He stole my heart as a puppy with his bright blue eyes and crazy Mozart white fur! He wrapped his little paws around my neck and quite literally clung to me. I imagine he wanted out from that horrible backyard breeder that kept him and his littermates in a cardboard box in the middle of a muddy fenced-in area and one bowl of food for all eight of them. 


Wolfie's first trip out with me shopping for puppy supplies!


Wolfie proudly standing with his big bro, Gibson, 
and "momma" Harley!


Now I know all about irresponsible breeders...but this was almost 14 years ago before we all aware of rescues, and this particular one owed my husband's company and never paid. We said we will take one of your Husky puppies for payment, since we were already a seasoned Husky family. When we arrived, I was stunned. We left with three. And to this day I KNOW we rescued them. I eventually found out that two went to our local SPCA and the line ended there as they are no more. I can still recall that day when we left with not just one puppy, but all three! We were sitting in the car with Wolfie, Bandit and Chloe and realized we just added three puppies to our family - with two Siberians already at home ~ Harley and Gibson.


We now had FIVE Siberian Huskies, three puppies and two under the age of two! We looked at each and wondered, were we crazy??? Whether we were or not, Wolfgfang, Chloe, and Bandit were now forever safe. Never to be separated, and on their way to our loving home where Harley and Gibson waited.

 Whose muddy? Not Chloe! But Wolfie
sure is a mud monster!

Through all the crazy times and chaos that ensued, as you can imagine a puppy and all of its puppyisms--times three! And Husky puppies no less! Beautiful, furry balls of energy and sharp teeth!  Oh, and birthdays? They were so fun! And the best part was when it was "time to eat the cake!" for all five!


Ice Cream Cake Time!

 Being the FiveSibesMom has been one of the best experiences and times of my life. Sharing my life with five beautiful amazing incredible dogs that solidified my love for the breed, is something I will always hold near and dear to my heart. I loved them incredibly so. 

Wolfie was the star of a articles published in AmericanPet Magazine, as well as a co-star in my two FiveSibes Tales illustrated books, What's Wrong With Gibson and Getting Healthy With Harley. He also helped me by modeling for posts on Treatibles, First Paw Coffee, my books, and other gigs!

 Wolfie posing with my Buddy, the Christmas Husky book!
 Wolfie modeling for Treatibles. These helped him tremendously with both his anxiety issues and later years, discomfort from arthritis. 
And Wolfie's latest gig, modeling for our post on
First Paw Coffee!

My boy was not a snuggler, but he loved to snuggle down on his own on my bed or his own bed. He was like a teenager, he loved to sleep in! And I mean, who wouldn't want to gaze into this sweet face?!

Oh, that beautiful dreamy Wolfie face. 
Waking up to this face was so sweet and heartwarming.

Wolf, Gibson's younger brother and littermate to Chloe and Bandit who formed the "Pupsters" of our pack, has always been my baby boy. And he knew it and capitalized on it! He was a talker, wooer, crier, and total drama boy! He could give you a look that said, "Pffft. I'm bored now." Or, he could be all about fun. Wolfie was never big on lots of hugs and kisses, and could be standoffish and a little miffed if I tried to move him over when he was all snuggled in my bed, but he would lay next to me for hours. As he grew older, he was always by my side. Right up until the end. 

My boy recuperating from double CCL surgeries. 

We had our own language. He knew I loved him deeply and as he developed anxiety issues over the years, I was his reassurance. Even at the end, when steps became a trigger, I would walk and count with him, reassuring him "you got this, Wolfie!" And he did! It was not his eyesight, that was good. But something as his legs began to weaken instilled periodic fears in him. When he was just a young Husky, he and his sister blew out their CCLs. Both legs. The surgeon at the time advised us that arthritis would set in and greatly affect his legs later in life, and I always felt we dodged a bullet with him because he could run as fast as the wind after he healed and arthritis was never an issue. Until about a year ago. 

Most recently, his legs shook, and sometimes gave out. And again he'd rebound and I'd give him other holistic vitamins, supplements, CBD, and medication to help. Together, we got through them all. Over the years I've also given him vet prescribed medications and natural therapies to help him live a normal life with anxiety. When stressed, he would get severe bouts of IBS. Again, he was treated both with traditional medications and homeopathic. Each time, healing and living life as a happy dog with his pack family.

One of our summer outings when he was younger was a trip to our local beach. Wolfie's first time there, he tip-toed his paws in the river He wasn't too fond of the waves, and overall he really preferred the pool at home!

Wolfie preferred being home for pool play time with his family!

FiveSibes summer pool parties were the best!
Oh yeah! Wolfie loving some sprinkler time!

Another fun time for me when was a friend and I did a "Paint and Sip" class where I painted a portrait of Wolf! And not too bad either! These things were always special, but now they are such important keepsakes for my heart.


Passing right before the Christmas season can be so bittersweet. Yet, I think of how Wolfie loved Christmas! Whether it was the glow of the tree lights or the anticipation of Santa Paws (oh, yes, they knew!),  or raising his nose to sniff the fresh snow and then proceed to run and eat as much as he could as fast as he could! 


A snow dog in his element!

He just loved Christmas. And how I loved celebrating with him. I am thankful that this year we did an early celebration and photos. Those I will share in my next post "On Wolf's Last Day"  that will be this weeks featured #FlashbackFriday (the last one for awhile as I am taking time to grieve and miss him). Why will I do that post? So I can share the joy of the season with him and the photos we took on his last day on this realm.

Wolfie made a big move with us and Bandit two years ago. I was happy they had each other to adjust to the place. 

Pupsters had each other for our move.

Such big changes are not easy for senior dogs. But they did it! And together we took walks, had campfires, and they adjusted. Of course, having an ice cream truck come by sure helped!


(our website is now only

Then, sadly and suddenly, we loss Bandit quite suddenly to hemangiosarcoma. And Wolfie was solo Husky. Wolfie was never a lone wolf type of dog. He loved being part of a pack family. He went through a severe depression and period of grief and I almost lost him. It took a lot and by the grace of God, he came around. He had lost 10 pounds (a lot for any dog, but he was already on the slender side) but he rebounded, but it took six months and lots of care and treatment. He never did gain his weight back, but his appetite and zest came back as his grief lifted. I do credit my young grandson, who became his best buddy. I believe that bond is what helped Wolfie settle into a new normal. Together they would lie side-by-side with m grandson talking to him, and on days he didn't feel well, my grandson would tell him everything would be okay. Oh, how that bond warmed my heart. And Wolfie seemed to be holding his own.

One of my favorite photos of my grandson and Wolfie, coincidentally watching a rainbow after a rainstorm from our front porch. Just a beautiful life moment between my boys, it just took my breathe away, and still does.


He held his own...up until Friday night. That is when he told me it was definitely his time to journey North of the Rainbow Bridge to meet the rest of the FiveSibes. He began crying and whining, even more so than what is typical of  a Husky. This was a call that something was not well. His eyes looked at me as he cried. He paced and tried to nest, but never laid down. He wanted out, he wanted in, and back and forth a dozen times. His pupils were huge and he was, in my opinion, pleading with me to make him feel better. Then his legs that had been getting weaker from the arthritis, began to shake not only once in a while, but constantly. He would trip over his bed, and fall. His legs would give out walking on the grass, going down the deck, even walking to the front door. Each time, my heart sank. Then he suddenly had explosive diarrhea, vomiting, and then came the blood. After contacting the vet, he was given medication to stop the diarrhea per usual, and at first we thought the blood was from straining as all his previous visits and test were good for a senior dog. It was hard to assure him that he would be okay. I still did, although I really was not sure it was the truth. You know when you have that feeling that something is terribly wrong? I had it. He had let me know. Not to mention hemangiosarcoma stole Bandit and Gibson from us, and they were of the same bloodline. Did I think that was what he had? No. But I do believe age and physical and mental decline due to his severe anxiety had caught up to him. Maybe even stomach cancer. Either way, and through all his special needs, and our move, he had almost made it to 14. January 19th was my three Pupsters' birthday, and I never thought Wolf would not be here to celebrate. I knew my time with him was a ticking clock, but I wore blinders to it. I did not want to face losing my boy.

The best of FiveSibes times...Wolfie and his pack family.

Things got worse by Saturday, and he was constantly crying. I took him out front for a short walk down our driveway (he always loved our walks! I so wished it could have been a longer one) and we had a talk and I gave him lots kisses through my tears. Just me and him. My heart was breaking. I knew it was time to help my boy cross the Rainbow Bridge to meet his pack family.

We stopped by some of the Christmas lawn decorations and I took some photos (these will also be in my next "On Wolf's Last Day" post~to highlight the moments of joy even when faced with heartbreak so we can focus on the joy of his life). Through it all, I had that sick feeling in my stomach, as tears spilled. But I wanted his last day to be as best as it could be for him. His appetite was gone, so letting him feast on goodies was not an option. All I could do was give him love and hugs and pets to that soft, beautiful face.

Oh, howWolf  loved his walks in our place.
 Together, we'd take slow strolls.

My vet is not on call on the weekends as she is a solo practioner. With Covid, the 24-hour vet hospital here was closed due to a staff shortage. Our back-up vet hospital where Bandit had her surgery was now closed on weekends. One other was curbside, but not until Tuesday. First, I was not letting him suffer over the weekend. Second, curbside? For this? No way. I needed to be with my boy. Thankfully, we found one 45 minutes away my husband knew of and when I called, the lady felt my pain and even though they were packed, made time for us. 

Always remember to enjoy the small moments 
as they become our memories.
"Today's special moments are tomorrow's memories."  
~Genie, The Return of Jafar 

On the ride to the vet hospital, I pet him constantly and kept talking to him. The vet and tech were so kind. With masks, we were were allowed to be with my boy, and once inside, I held his face in my hands, kissing his nose, talking to him and telling him I will love him forever. That he would have no more pain. And to find his family, Gib, Harley, Chloe & Bandit there. And as he relaxed after the first sedative was administered, I whispered to him to send me snow so I knew he had safely arrived. I wished him a safe journey through my tears, and told him how much I loved him and always will...I held his face till he closed his eyes and was so peaceful for him. 

But for me, my heart was crushed....  ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ˜ญ 

Then he sent me that sign. When I arrived home from the hospital, and with the sun out, it suddenly started to snow, lightly. My baby boy sent me a sign, just like I asked him to. ๐Ÿ˜ข He had arrived north of the Rainbow Bridge.


Arriving home to find Wolfie's light snow. Oh, how my heart needed this. My boy and I had such a bond. started snowing even harder...and it was not predicted by the weather! I knew my Wolfie had reunited with his siblings Bandit and Chloe, Gibson, and "mama" Harley and they were having some amazing snow zoomies together, tossing all that snow my way! 

Talk about signs!  Thank you, my boy! 
Mommy needed to see this.

While I am thankful for his sign of snow, my heart hurts. I miss him. I miss his woooOOooooo greeting when I came home, even if I was just going out to get the mail! 

The place where he slept is now empty. Losing Wolfie was not just losing my baby boy, but he also represents the end of the FiveSibes.


I have always loved this pic of my FiveSibes having snow zoomies in our backyard. It's how I now picture them all again, reunited in those forever snowy fields 
north of the Rainbow Bridge.

It will take time to heal from his loss, but he will always be a a part of me. This I know after so many losses. But where and what I will do from here without him is a blank page. I have never been without a dog or pet my entire life. I know I will always have my FiveSibes spirits with me and that will keep me going in their name to bring awareness to the Siberian Husky breed, shining light on the horrible effects bad backyard breeding has on the beautiful dogs who have to live with the ailments like Wolf, like Gibson, like Chloe. I will continue to promote adoption, fostering, and reputable breeders (like Harley was from), and be an ambassador for dogs with Canine Epilepsy (like Gibson had).

I hope you'll stay with us (me and my #ForeverFiveSibes) and whatever comes next. I love our #FlashbackFriday Blog Hop. It gives me a chance to relive all the glorious moments spent with  my FiveSibes. Each memory is like a visit for my heart, and my heart really needs those. I know I will bring that back after a break. And I know two other things...I love dogs, especially Siberian Huskies. And I love, no need to write. It's who I am. So I'll be back in one way or another after taking some time off to grieve my beautiful boy. 

Thank You, Dear Readers

I am so grateful for all of you, my wonderful readers, FiveSibes followers, and amazing friends I have made over the years through my FiveSibes. I thank you all so much for your love and support and staying with us. Please give your furbabies a big hug from me and my now furangel Wolfie. I'll be back for this week's #FlashbackFriday to share some last photos of Wolfie celebrating an early Christmas, before taking a break to grieve. Be well. Stay safe.

~Dorothy "FiveSibesMom"

 Run free, my gorgeous baby boy, with the rest of our pack. 
I'll love you for always, my beautiful Wolfie.





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for this snowflake badge.






  1. My heart aches for you ... may he forever rest well, may your heart find peace in these
    wonderful memories. Fondly, Ann

  2. We are stunned to read that Wolfie is gone. We were so not expecting to read this today. What an amazingly beautiful tribute you have given him and the rest of his pack!!! They were ALL blessed to be a part of your home and family. We understand the whole arthritis issue - we are seeing it already with Lightning who also had two bad CCL tears, one repaired surgically, the other healed naturally. But his back legs have never been the same.

    Heartfelt sympathy to you and your family. We are so very sorry for your loss. Soft woos and gentle hugs from all of us.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber and Mom Kathie too

  3. I'm so very sorry for the loss of your last precious baby. I know this pain and am sending you tons and tons of healing hugs. ♥♥♥

  4. We are all so very sorry to hear about dear Wolfie, such a special pup and he loved you so very much too. Hugs and love from all of us.

  5. The Pack is running together - reunited and pain free ! But what a loss to those of us who will miss them !

  6. I'm so sorry to learn about Wolfie! Sending you lots of love!

  7. We are so very sorry for your loss purrs of sympathy and paws of comfort from all of us.

  8. I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful boy. XO

  9. Dorothy, my heart is breaking for you and for all the rest of us who followed the Five Sibes for so many years. Your tribute to Wolfie today was beautiful. I know the sudden snowfall was a comfort to you. The day that we lost Amber, a rainbow suddenly appeared in the sky (and we didn't even have any rain) and that helped me accept that although she was physically gone, her spirit would never leave me. Peace to you and your family.

  10. Truly the end of an era. I'm so, so sorry for your loss. You gave Wolfie and his siblings an amazingly beautiful life. They were so lucky to have you, and I'm sure knew that you felt the same way about them. I'll keep you in my thoughts, and will be giving my pack extra hugs and belly rubs in honor of Wolfie.

  11. I am so sorry for your loss. What a great pup Wolfie was. Its so hard. but they do let us know...our MJF did too...
    Wolfie must be having a ball with his furblings. He would have liked our weather last night...16F and snow. (And our furnace conked out to help with the cold, LOL!)
    I made you a memento in Wolfie's honor, I posted it in Messenger on your FB page, as I do not have an email address for you.
    The next time I post, I will put it there too; maybe Wednesday or Thursday...if not, then on Sunday.

    Sending many hugs; Dalton & Benji add some soft aroos.
    ((((( ♥ )))))

  12. We are so sorry for the loss of your beautiful boy and our hearts are breaking for you. Hugs♥ Godspeed Wolfie

  13. To say I am sorry for your loss(es) seems so small. I was so moved by your words and I can see how much you loved your Huskies. Tears are flowing down my cheeks as I read your farewells and the snow, oh the snow and the signs they send us. We do keep them alive by talking about them, and like you I cannot let my heart animal not be mentioned. Each of us animal parents knows that the day will come when we must make the decision we most don't want to make, and it's indescribable. I hope you heart will always remember all the love and hold all the memories close to help make each day a little better. Sending all of our kitties purrs for healing.

  14. I am so sorry. I know the feeling of wondering if I was crazy keeping my whole litter of puppies with six adult dogs already in the house. I don't know how I did it, but it was absolutely the best time in my life. Now my Porties are all gone, maybe playing with your Sibes, and the house is too empty. I don't know what comes next but we'll be here to read your posts when you're ready. Be safe.

  15. Your boy was amazing and you made me smile so much with your stories of his running in the snow. What a dog Wolfie has been, what memories and what fun and the SNOW!

    His loss is grievous but the memories will be many and happy. Farewell Wolfie.

  16. So sorry that your sweet boy Wolfie had to leave our planet too๐Ÿ˜ฟSoft Pawkisses to comfort you๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ˜ฝ๐Ÿ’ž
    Fly free beautiful beautiful Soul✨

  17. I know your heartache. We had 14 years with our 3 Sibes, and one litter of 6. We showed our Sibes. All from very reputable breeders. Your Wolf is a handsome boy. My 3 all passed within 10 mo this time. All from hemangiosarcoma. They had each just had a nice long walk or a fun play session. Then they collapsed. Sending you my most heartfelt hugs

  18. The tears keep rolling down my cheeks after reading your beautifully written and touching remembrance. I'm sending you tender thoughts of comfort. Losing any dog is always heartbreaking, but especially so when you've created a special bond as you did with each member of your beautiful pack. May the special memories you shared over the past 16 years provide you with a measure of comfort now as you process your loss. Hugs and tail wags from all of us "Ranch Hands." ๐Ÿ’”

  19. I'm so sorry about Wolfie, he's so beautiful. You gave him and FiveSibes an amazing life and wonderful memories together. Thank you for sharing that with us readers.

  20. We are so sorry to read this so late, we are so very sorry for your tremendous loss of your beautiful Wolfie. What a wonderful tribute to him---and his life with you and your pack. We hope that you are doing okay as the days go by.


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