Newsy Tuesday: Happiness is a Mug of First Paw Coffee and a Coffee Giveaway!

Woo! Hello and Happy Newsy Tuesday! Today we are talking about one of my favorite things (besides Huskies) -- coffee! Yum! As many of my readers know, I am a true java nut! I also have a very particular palate when it comes to my coffee. I love a good cup that is rich, naturally flavorful, would be great hot or over ice, has to be smooth, no burnt taste here! That's why today, I am so happy to be reviewing an excellent new coffee from a well-known mushing friend from Team Ineka of Alaska, and producer of my Dog Works Radio show, "The Sibe Vibe"-- Robert Forto! Robert, and his fellow mushing, dog training, and media co-producer wife Michele, along with their 50+ sled dogs are the faces behind the new small family-owned and operated First Paw Coffee Co. in Alaska, USA. I received samples of First Paw Coffee for an honest review, and as I always say, I only write about products I use and love!


First Paw Coffee Co.'s founders & owners Robert & Michele Forto 
with Siberian Husky, "Bodhi"
So you may be asking yourself the same question I did: Why did mushers, dog trainers, and media producers decide to create their own brand of coffee?
A T-shirt initially sparked the idea! "Michele got (a T-shirt) at a sled dog race a couple years ago that says 'I run on caffeine, cuss words, and dog hair' and we thought, 'Hey what goes better with our crazy lifestyle than dogs and coffee?!' We were always stopping at (coffee) chains to buy it."
When the pandemic hit, and Robert and Michele, like so many other folks, used the time to make some decisions, and brought their thought of "dogs and coffee" to reality and they formed their First Paw Coffee Co., right in their hometown of Willow! 

"We are simply dog people with a passion for a great cup of coffee. First Paw Coffee Co. has been developed with adventurers in mind," states Robert. "Living in the wilds of Alaska means that we need a good cup of coffee to keep us going on those long cold dark days and nights."

So what better way of ensuring that cold early morning or any-time-of-day coffee is just what they not only need, but really they began the process of selecting their own roaster and coffee blends to start their own company!

Now being the coffee snob that I am, I took my time and as I opened each bag and inhaled the rich java aroma, my taste buds were already tingling! I can tell just from a whiff if a coffee is going to be good, strong, or "not in my cup!" And one whiff of First Paw brought this coffee aficionado pure joy! But, will it stand up to a taste test! In short, yes!

"Woo," sniffs Wolfie. "This smells good!"

Each bag I thought was my favorite. First I opened Tail Wagger and thought I found a new fave. Until I opened the next. And next. And then there's Trail Breaker. Oh yeah, it's a tie. They are all, as Rachael Ray would say, delish!

Hey, but don't take my word for it (but I hope you do, as my coffee drinking friends know, I only like really good coffee), Robert and Michele are offering a drawing for a set - yes, not one bag or two bags, but a WHOLE SET of their coffee blends here on FiveSibes! Woo! So be sure to go to our Rafflecopter below and enter!  (Sorry, at this time shipping is only available to residents of USA).

Robert (above) mushing and Michele (below) urban mushing, both with their Team Ineka on the Alaskan trails. 
The cold Alaskan days and their love of the great outdoors inspired the husband-wife team
 to start up their own First Paw Coffee Co.!

I promise you, whether you are mushing out in the snowy wilds with your Huskies, sitting on your sofa with your furry best friend by your side as a warm fire crackles in the fireplace, or pouring the brew over ice, you will be in caffeinated heaven!

Currently, First Paw Coffee Co. is the proud sponsor of Dog Works Radio (part of First Paw Media) podcasts that air online at and on iTunes (you can listen to all of our "The Sibe Vibe" shows in both places, too)!

A scene from my kitchen! A set of FIVE 12 oz bags of First Paw Coffees could be yours for FREE (a  $75 value)! Be sure to enter the Forto's giveaway at the end of our post! And, if you like our mugs, see our links also below!

All the blend names are (p)awesome! They are inspired by Robert and Michele's love of dogs - from sharing the trail with their Huskies to going for road trips with their pups, and also a nod to the hero working canines: therapy, police, and military dogs, and to the veterans who enjoy being outdoors with them! 


Robert and Michele take great pride in personally selecting their special blends by traveling to their private roaster located in Seattle,Washington to taste for themselves before selecting and having it packaged.

The types of coffee currently available (USA only at this time) for $15/bag are:

Tail Wagger Ground Blend:  "A medium roast with notes of Brazil nuts, grapefruit, and oak." 

Trail Breaker Ground Blend: "A medium-dark roast from Central & South America highlighting local flavors of brown sugar, hazelnut, and plum."

Hero's Blend: "Our organic roast of Papua New Guinea origin with tasting notes of bell pepper, cedar, and lemony acidity. Enjoy a bag of Hero's Blend today and all proceeds will go towards helping our veterans explore the great outdoors through adventure."

Road Trippin' Ground Blend: "It a light roast of South America origin with tasting notes of citrus, milk chocolate, cream."

Adventure Mix Whole Bean Blend: "A WHOLE BEAN...dark roast from South America with French inspiration featuring smoky raspberry, dark chocolate, and anise flavors."  


Robert enjoying a mug of his First Paw Coffee out on the trail. Bodhi is enjoying the aroma!

The extra fabulous thing about the Hero's Blend is not only is it named after the heroic working, military, and therapy dogs, the Forto's help veterans by giving "to local organizations a portion of our profits that provide outdoor experiences to veterans, i.e. hunting, snow machining, fly fishing etc.," explains Robert. How cool is that?! 

Keep in mind the howlidays are coming up and what coffee lover wouldn't enjoy a stocking or sled full of delicious First Paw Coffee?! (A hint for anyone making their holiday gift list early - I would love a gift of this!)

Robert and Michele also have a blog about coffee on their First Paw Coffee Co. website, where not only can you purchase their coffee and also their awesome mug, but there will be periodic postings of coffee tips, recipes, and you can enter to win a free year of coffee! This page you'll surely want to bookmark! And if you pop over, be sure to tell Robert and Michele that me and my FiveSibes boy Wolfie say "hi!"

Have a question about First Paw Coffee or their mug? Just drop the Fortos an Email at: info@firstpaw.cofeee!

We here at FiveSibes give the Forto's 
First Paw Coffee 
a 4-out-of-4 Paw Star Rating! 

Affiliate Notice: As an Amazon affiliate, if you click on one of the ads, and purchase the item, I will receive a small compensation *at no extra cost* to you! Thank you!

Here's some links to some of the mugs pictured in this article and some of our fave Husky mugs (sorry, the Hallmark Igloo one is currently out of stock). 

Now if you are interested in our "The Sibe Vibe" mug pictured above in our kitchen pic (price not available at this time-depends on maker. USA only), just send us an Email to FiveSibes(at)gmail(dot)com, indicate "Mug" in subject line, we'll add you to the waiting list for when these become available again!

If you'd like Robert & Michele's First Paw Coffee Co. ceramic and hand-thrown
mug (made in the USA by Forman Pottery), for $24.95 (USA only), visit their link HERE. But if you want one of the hand-thrown ones, better hurry as there is only about a dozen or so left! 

You can keep posted on what's brewing on the Forto's First Paw Coffee Co. over on social media as well. Follow them on Facebook (@First Paw), Instagram, and of course on their First Paw Coffee Co., website!

$75 Worth of First Paw Coffee!

Good Luck! 

(Rafflecopter Closes at 12 Midnight EST 
on 9/22/2021. ***Please note: winner’s coffee will be shipped out the week of 

Must be at least 18 and USA resident to enter.

Click on Rafflecopter Giveaway link below if you don't see the widget! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway






  1. My mouth is watering at the mere thought of possibly winning these delish-ously described coffees! Yum...nothing better than a GOOD cuppa to start the day. My taste buds are getting totally excited about your friends new venture. Best of luck to them.

  2. That looks like a pretty cool coffee company! We'll pass on entering though since nobody here drinks coffee any more.

  3. I love my morning coffee and we have our favorite each morning. Adorable pups.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  4. After careful mewsing and consulting the dogs we think Mom would like Tail Wagger Ground Blend as she likes a medium roast.

  5. Layla woofs Mom needs her daily dose or she is grumpy and that coffee looks yummm and will make her happy

  6. I love coffee so much and each flavor sounds delicious! I’d choose the whole bean mix blend. We grind our beans too.


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