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FiveSibes are taking a hike...all for a good cause; to benefit homeless Siberian Huskies

The FiveSibes are eagerly looking forward to taking a hike this Saturday during the annual Tails on the Trails fundraiser to benefit Tails of the Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue. Please visit our PayPal Pledge Page and look for the photo of the FiveSibes. Since I am enrolled in a canine CPR/First Aid program that day, we won't be physically at the event, however, we will be there in spirit and are participating as "remote" hikers and will be walking in our hometown to raise awareness for and about Siberian Huskies and the TOTTSHR. I promise to post photos of the FiveSibes enjoying their fundraising jaunt! If you would like to pledge in the name of FiveSibes, that would be "paw"some and greatly appreciated by all the Sibes who are helped by the great Sibe-loving volunteers at TOTTSHR. Woos and thank yous!