Newsy Tuesday: Advocacy Award Finalist

Woo! Our Mom is a Finalist for "Advocate!"

 I am so honored to be named a 2017 finalist in the Women in the Pet Industry Woman of the Year in the "Advocate" category! Writing and sharing information on Canine Epilepsy, the Siberian Husky breed, and rescues are all something very near and dear to my heart...and to be recognized and chosen as a Finalist for my work is such a thrill!

May this extra attention help bring even more attention to help inform, educate, and support other families who 1) are living with a dog with Canine Epilepsy,  2) thinking about adding a Siberian Husky to their family, and 3) encourage others to find their best furry friend from a rescue. 

My Gibson, my inspiration.
My journey with my Epi-dog, Gibson, and his amazing will, inspired me every day, and continues to inspire me, to help others know that dogs with Epilepsy can--and DO--live happy, full lives. My only wish - that my sweet wooly boy was here to share this great honor with me. Thank you, Gibson, for teaching me so much about perserverance, grit, and love of life no matter what challenges lie ahead.  You were such an amazing and loving boy and I miss you every single day. May your journey and life continue on to help others know they are not alone if they find their dogs suddenly faced with the seizure monster...and to do away with the notion that dogs with seizures are "damaged dogs." They most certainly are NOT! They are amazing warriors, like my Gibson, who enjoy life and do not let Canine Epilepsy stop them from living life to the fullest! In Gibson's name, I will continue our advocacy in the hopes of helping others so all Epi-dogs may  #LiveGibStrong.

I also want to say "thank you" to all of your, my dear readers and listeners who read my blog, share my articles, and tune in to my show "The Sibe Vibe" - together, we can spread the word about Epi-dogs far and wide and hopefully, through my advocacy, encourage folks to not surrender their dog because of a seizure, and to also not fear adopting a dog with seizures.

I am so honored.

Congratulations to all the WIPIN finalists. Looking forward to the winner announcements that will be named at their Women in the Pet Industry's annual conference on September 26, which just happens to be my birthday!


  1. Congratulations - that is a wonderful and well-deserved honor!!! We are all very proud of you.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  2. That is super cool, congrats from all of us!

  3. Canine-grats on the well deserved recognition. We've got our paws crossed for you!

    1. Thank you so much! That means so much to me! :-)


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