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Dog Days of a Sibe's Summer: Sprinkler Fun!

Woo! It sure has been a hot summer! FiveSibes Wolfie and Bandit have been keeping their cool by taking runs through our lawn sprinkler! Pictured here, my boy Wolf takes a moment to feel the coolness of the water as it sprinkles down on him! Hope you are all staying safe and cool!                   “If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”   ~ Loren Eiseley     We are joining in The Pet Parade Blog Hop today!  Hosted by Barking on the Bayou , Dash Kitten & Bionic Basil ! Be sure to check out their sites and those of  fellow hoppers!   Back to FiveSibes Blog Home Page  Visit our FiveSibes Website      Visit our FiveSibes Facebook Page!