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Flashback Friday #38 and Gibson's Epi-Tip #22

It's Flashback Friday! This photo is of puppy Wolf meeting his big brother Gibson for the very first time! Sibe kisses and hugs all around! * * * * * And here's Gibson with today's Epi-Tip of the Day: * * * * * * * * * * *Join us with a Friday stroll down  Memory Lane!*   Grab our badge and join in!  Share your blog, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram #FlashbackFriday photo and mention the FiveSibes ™  with a link back to here and leave us comment so we can come visit your Flashback, too!  To catch up on past Flashback Fridays, visit us here:   Flashback Friday  #37: Too Cool For His Shades Flashback Friday #36: And They Called it Puppy Love Gibson & Harley: The Originals   Flashback Friday #35: L ooking Back on the Dog Days of Summer with the FiveSibes & Friends Flashback Friday #34: Darling Chloe Flashback Friday #33: Circle of Love: Celebrating Life Flashback Friday #32: Those Were the Days, My F