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A Special Birthday Cake & Request on a #FlashbackFriday

#FiveSibes #Flashback ~ 2015 ~ Gibson   “Love leaves a memory no one can steal."   ~Irish Saying   Where, oh where, does the time go? This time of year - the first day of Autumn - brings to mind memories of seasons past, and since I'm an Autumn baby, this is also my birthday season. For my #FlashbackFriday trip down Memory Lane this week, we stop off at one of my birthdays past. I remember this particular birthday as clear as can family surprised me with this gorgeous cake that had the image from a photo of my beloved heart dog, Gibson. All of my FiveSibes seemed to know when it was a birthday - I think maybe cake gave it away - as they would be excitedly (and always patiently) waiting for their piece (or as in the case of their birthdays, the whole cake). As you can see from the photos, Gibson was at the ready for a sample of my birthday cake! Of course, he was able to sample it, and loved it.      Of course I shared my "Gibson" cake with my Gibson! I love h