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Christmas Canine Cooking Corner!

"When my tum-tum's better, we will make these!" Season's Greetings! Since this is Tuesday, that means it's time once again for the FiveSibes' "Canine Cooking Corner," where we will share videos of us making recipes, as well as other folks creating delectable dishes.  This week, unfortunately, our four-year-old, Gibson, has been sick. He's had tummy issues since Friday night and is now on a boiled rice, chicken, and potato diet as well as vet-prescribed medication. So, our Sibe test kitchen is closed until our big boy feels better. However, Gone to the Snow Dogs has once again shared a wonderful video recipe for yummy Gingerbread Dog Cookies that they are so gracious to share with everyone. I think this recipe definitely gets a 5-Paw rating from the FiveSibes, and as soon as Gibson is feeling better and ready to eat regular food again, we will be whipping some up to share! So, thank you Gone to the Snow Dogs ! And Bon Appetit, Everyone! Oh