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February is National Pet Dental Health Month

Open up and say, "Ahhhhh!" With February being National Pet Dental Health Month , it's a good time to review our pet's dental health regimen to be sure that what we are doing to keep our furkids' chompers clean and healthy is on target.  First , a few quick questions:   Do you brush your pet's teeth? (There are a variety of "brushes" from traditional to a finger-style brush, a sponge, and wipes). Do you pe rform periodic mouth inspections to be sure there are no broken teeth ; sores, abrasions , or growths on the gums/tongue ; or foul odor from the mouth? Do you gi ve your dog de ntal treats or dental specific it ems to chew on? Do you have your veterinarian give your pet a dental check-up during visits?     Pictured abo ve , our Harely shows off her canines...and while our girl does have good teeth, with age (she is now eight) t here is some tartar build up in the back, so under the direction of her vet, we are keeping a close wat