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Puppy Harley Meets Hu-Nanny on a #FiveSibes #FlashbackFriday!

Today's Flashback Friday memory dates 12 years to 2005 when our alpha queen Harley joined our family at seven weeks old! She was a gorgeous blue-eyed beauty with a fierce mask that just stole our hearts! Harley was my daughter's dream dog - a Siberian Husky. Little did we know when we drove home from the city with our new family member, who slept the whole way home in a torrential rain storm, that she would grow up to rule the future family of FiveSibes! Harley would become the instant love of our second Husky, my beautiful fluffy wooly boy, Gibson; and the amazing surrogate momma to our Pupsters Wolf, Chloe, and Bandit. Today, at 12.5 years young - she still is the boss and every bit active as she can be. While she has a slight stiffness in her hind leg from arthritis that occassionaly betrays her youth, plus she is now deaf, she is as bright, and smart, and playful as ever! She is our amazing alpha queen, our Sibe family's first Husky, and the one responsible for my