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K9 Laundry Assistant

 #FiveSibes Flashback ~ "Gibson" ~ May 2015       Ah, to know Gibson was to love him, and laugh. This boy was born a comedian. He was a special soul, my heart dog for always. He always managed to bring a smile - or chuckle - to me! This boy had a huge personality - and it was great. He had a zest for life and truly loved every moment of it. Yes, he had epilepsy, but this boy never let it keep him down, nor did it ever do anything to dampen his joy. Once in a lifetime along comes that more-than-special dog soul, and he was mine. Pictured here, is just one of the many Silly Gibbie moments. I was in my room, organizing my disaster of a walk-in closet. When I came out, there was Gibson all comfy waiting for me...and holding my tossed empty hangers with his big beautiful paw, as if to say, "Here, I'm helping you, Mom."  Yup, G, you still have me laughing. 💜🥰 I hope this fond Flashback brought a smile or chuckle to you, too. Enjoy every small little moment of life.