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Winter Teaser: Night Flurries

S o many of our furpals have been enjoying that white fluffy stuff that my FiveSibes have been busy only dreaming about. Then, one recent night winter's first sparkling snow flurries began to fall from the Heavens, and excitement grew amongst the pack family. There was lots of wooing, running, and playing. They even stopped momentarily to close their eyes and feel the cool, wet flakes hit their happy furry faces. Here's a little slideshow of their nighttime fun: T hen almost as fast as it came to just slightly dust the ground, the snow stopped. But the excited anticipation of more snow still lingers on in the "kids" (even though we had a silly 40-degree heat wave and rain for two days). AND, we hear that snow showers are in the forecast for the next couple of days, so we my Husky babies all have their paws crossed for a White Christmas season. To our furpals out there who do have lots of snow, enjoy!