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Guest Blogger Littermates Join the Saturday Blog Hop

Woos to all our Husky, canine, feline, and equine friends out there in Blogland! Wolf and Chloe of the FiveSibes pack here. We're very excited to be "guest bloggers" today (as we always have a lot to say!) Unfortunately, Hu-Mom sprained her knee. She'll be wearing a funny knee brace for about two months, which she's not too happy about! And our big brother Gibson is off to the vet's today as he has an icky eye infection. So while Hu-Mom is busy icing her knee and big bro is at the vet, we thought we'd help out by taking this opportunity to go online and join all our furpals for the Saturday Blog Hop. We hope everyone's weekend is a great one! Stay happy and keep on hopping and howling!