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Woo! It's National Book Lovers Day, and FiveSibes Have Some Dog Books for You!

Today is National Book Lovers Days, and as an author and avid reader and lover of books, what a fun day! Naturally, I am going to do a little shameless promotion here of my current canine books (that I am very proud of) to celebrate the day! The above beauty, as many of you know, is our alpha queen "Harley," helping me to display our written wares! Affiliate Links Notice: This post contains an affiliate link for an item through Amazon, meaning if you click on the link for the product and purchase an item through one of the affiliate links below, I will receive a small commission * with no extra cost to you. *   It also ensures that you are getting a new book of mine (and not some other party's used book ).  Thank you! Here is a little about each book and how you can get one for your bookshelves or for someone you know! (The holiday season is not that far off--hint, hint)! EPIc Dog Tales: Heartfelt Stories About Amazing Dogs  Living & Loving Life W