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Wolf on a Full Flower Moonglow's Night

  Flashback Photo ~ Wolfie & Full Moon ~ May 26, 2021   Woo! We were lucky enough to be outside during the recent "Super Flower Moon" a full moon and lunar eclipse. What a show! Some areas had cloud coverage, but Wolf and I were lucky enough to enjoy the lunar beauty, which appeared starting in the daylight into dusk, under our big sky area! It's spectacular events like these that remind us how lucky we are to bear witness to such beauty. I love this first pic of Wolf I shot with the full moon overhead behind him while it was still light out. As I saw him there, I thought of a haiku that is so very appropos for my boy, the lone wolf calling out to the spirits of his Siberian Husky family--what once was a FiveSibes pack family. I hope you enjoy and I hope you did get a chance to see this beautiful full moon! "Wolf howls longingly under the full moon he waits calling to his pack" ~Dorothy Wills-Raftery Full moon peeking through trees . Now, you may be asking

#FlashbackFriday: We All Woo for Ice Cream!

  Flashback Photo ~ Bandit & Wolfie ~ 2019   "The best time for ice cream is always." ~Unknown    My FiveSibes--Harley, Gibson, Wolfie, Chloe, and Bandit--always loved ice cream and always seemed to sense when I brought some home as a special hot weather treat for them. Their birthday cakes I made with all-natural vanilla ice cream and crushed dog cookies. But the thing about my Huskies and ice cream I loved the most was how they would come together and share even the smallest lick off a spoon. No growling. No snarling. Just five heads smooshed together with five tongues flicking away at the bowl, cup, cone, or spoon of vanilla ice cream! To this very day, Wolfie still loves that yummy ice cream! I mean, just like the quote says, always is the best time for ice cream! ( Note: All five of my dogs shared one small ice cream, and it was always all-natural or dairy fresh vanilla. *Some dogs have a dairy intolerance, so only give if you know they can eat dairy, and also only

#FlashbackFriday: The Season of Wolf

  Flashback Photo 2016 ~ Wolf with his Wolf.   “The wolves knew when it was time to stop looking for what they’d lost, to focus instead on what was yet to come.”   ~Jodi Picoult  Today's quote is appropos considering all the loss we here at FiveSibes have experienced over the past several years, especially with losing both Wolf's sister Chloe and momma Harley the summer of 2019, then sister Bandit last fall. Now, while my sensitive boy may bear the name of the magnificent c anis lupus , or wolf, we are trying to embrace the philosophy of the wolf and not be lost in what is behind us, but rather enjoy the present and look ahead to each day.    This new joy after such loss is something that did not come by easy for Wolfie. They say that with great loss comes the fact that there was great love. And boy, there sure was. It was an epic time. But when a close-knit pack family suffers loss, one after another, such as my FiveSibes, being the last Husky standing is not an easy place

Happy Mothers Day to All Moms!

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#FlashbackFriday: Celebrating Momma Dog

  Flashback ~ "Momma" Harley and pupsters  Wolfie, Chloe & Bandit ~ 2008 With Mother's Day this weekend, I thought it was a perfect time to reflect back on our FiveSibes beautiful "momma" Harley for today's Flashback Friday. While Harley did not actually birth the Pupsters--Wolf, Chloe, and Bandit, she took them under her paw and treated and trained them as her own from the moment we brought all three puppies home. It truly was a wonderful thing to see her relationship with the Pupsters over the years, and how they always listened and respected her as their momma and the pack's alpha queen!  "Momma" Harley and her pupsters: Wolf, Chloe & Bandit ~ 2016 “Motherhood: All love begins  and ends there. ”   ~Robert Browning         (You'll have to screenshot it!)     Back to FiveSibes Blog Home Page Visit our FiveSibes Website!    Visit our FiveSibes Facebook Page!        

Welcome to the Merry Month of May!

    Happy May featuring our beautiful (now furangel) “Harley,” our #FiveSibes alpha queen.    Our forever queen momma. Always loved. Always missed.   "Step aside to a brand new day, in the month of May I feel, I can start again. Life is feeling new, This is hope, this is love, this is where we all won, if you call, I will hear, I will listen for you."   ~Mychal Simka   What plans do you and your pups have planned for May?!    Back to FiveSibes Blog Home Page Visit our FiveSibes Website!    Visit our FiveSibes Facebook Page!