Friday, May 28, 2021

Wolf on a Full Flower Moonglow's Night


Flashback Photo ~ Wolfie & Full Moon ~ May 26, 2021


Woo! We were lucky enough to be outside during the recent "Super Flower Moon" a full moon and lunar eclipse. What a show! Some areas had cloud coverage, but Wolf and I were lucky enough to enjoy the lunar beauty, which appeared starting in the daylight into dusk, under our big sky area! It's spectacular events like these that remind us how lucky we are to bear witness to such beauty. I love this first pic of Wolf I shot with the full moon overhead behind him while it was still light out. As I saw him there, I thought of a haiku that is so very appropos for my boy, the lone wolf calling out to the spirits of his Siberian Husky family--what once was a FiveSibes pack family. I hope you enjoy and I hope you did get a chance to see this beautiful full moon!

"Wolf howls longingly
under the full moon he waits
calling to his pack"
~Dorothy Wills-Raftery

Full moon peeking through trees.

Now, you may be asking "Just what is a flower moon or a flower blood moon, as it is also called?" According to, "The full moon was particularly stunning around the globe, as Earth's natural satellite was nearly as close to our planet as it ever gets during its orbit. That phenomenon, called perigee, made the moon appear just a smidge larger than usual." And where does it get its red glow from?  "The moon slid into the deepest shadow cast by the Earth and picked up a reddish sheen, the glow of every sunrise and sunset occurring at the time." The "flower moon" also symbolizes spring time and the appearance of May flowers!

No matter the history or tale, it was truly a sight to be seen. My only wish is that I had my 35mm with me on our walk as I captured the pics on just my little ol' iPhone 8! But, I guess instead of studying it through a lens, I paused and really took in the sight, letting the moonlight cast its glow over Wolf, me, and the land. And that was a beautiful thing.

Full Flower Moon before lunar eclipse.


 Were you and your pet able to see this month's full flower moon?


(You'll have to screenshot it!)
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  1. Such a pretty moon and a wonderful Wolfie!

  2. Wow, that moon through the trees image is 'furbulous!' 🌚

  3. I slept through it and was so upset after seeing all the amazing photos of the moon and I am sure Wolfie was howling happily to his pack.

  4. Ha, right, the moon--I kind of noticed it when we went potty with my dog before bed. But it was on the wrong side so I could see the light but not the moon itself.

  5. We couldn't see a thing as it was overcast here at BBHQ :( Thanks for hosting! XX

  6. I got some OK photos as it was 11.11 when the moon eclipsed here. It was spectacular and so cool to see. I blogged about it because (believe it or not) this week's project in my book was about photographing the moon (Nooo kidding!).

    It's lovely to see your portrait of Wolf, what a handsome face and I get he was a great companion.

  7. I'm glad that were able to get photos of Wolf and the beautiful flower moon. We were not able to see it here.

  8. What a wonderful event to have witnessed with Wolf! I totally missed this - Sometimes I think I have my head up my furry butt LOL!!

  9. Beautiful photo and event. I don't get out too much at night, so I miss all of the amazing things in the sky.