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Just Blowing (Fur) in the Wind...

"Is that all my fur???" Calling all fellow Sibe (and furry canine) owners! Let us join together to celebrate...the continuing shedding season! Oh, yes, we are a hu-parenthood of folks who prepare for this twice a year by getting out the groomer's phone number and/or your own grooming tools: the pet blow dryer, the combs, brushes, and rakes, the special de-shedding shampoos, and my main weapon of choice - the ever-needed, ever-fabulous pet fur & lint rollers I am always armed with for their constant fur deposits to our clothes and furniture! As a hu-parenthood, we are all familiar with terms such as "fur tumbleweeds," "finger-plucking or finger-raking," "Don't shake!" and the ever-popular, "Get me the lint roller!" Even after a (constant) clean sweep of the house and deck, a simple stroll into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee leaves swirling mists of fur kissing my bare feet, as rolling white tumbleweeds gently make