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Read A FiveSibes Book for Literacy Day!

  FiveSibes Flashback ~ 2018 ~ "Harley " With All of My K9 Books!  With this week seeing Read A Book Day and today's International Literacy Day, it's a good time for (unabashed self-promotion) for FiveSibesMom's books! Right? Why not?!  I always had fun with my FiveSibes posing with books I wrote because they were about them, in one way or another! And honestly, it always seemed like they knew and were excited to pose!  FiveSibes Flashback ~ 2014 ~ "Chloe" With My Buddy, the Christmas Husky~A True Holiday Miracle Books! First, though, Read A Book Day was this past Wednesday, September 6th, and of course as an author, it's my kind of day! It is a day to encourage folks to pick up a book, any book (even a FiveSibes book!) and read!  Plus, this week-today actually--is International Literacy Day and is a critically important day. According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), " Despite steady progress