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Thankful Thursday: Luna Lives!

If you have been following the story of Luna, the Siberian Husky, I'm sure many, just as myself, have had more than just heartstrings tugged. The story of Luna is basically this: Husky gets loose and kills a few chickens in a neighbor's yard. Husky is taken into custody and issued a death sentence. Husky's owner is ready to follow through with the order to have her PTS, but (thankfully) has a change of heart and hires an attorney to fight Husky's case. In the meantime, droves of Husky owners and animal lovers come forward in support of saving Luna, and there is even a "Save Luna" Facebook page . And then...the best news ever was announced today when the ruling came down...Luna Lives!!! Here is news recap of the case: So, if we even think for a moment that there is no power in the "Power of the Paw" and the "Power of the Pen," and say to ourselves, "what's the use?" then this story of Luna, the Siberian Husky, should convi