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Is the COVID Pandemic Affecting Our Dogs?

  This has certainly been a very trying, crazy, confusing, and scary almost two years for everyone as we are still facing so many uncertainties with the pandemic known as COVID-19. While we humans adjust and readjust to recommendations and mandates on how to #staysafe, especially now as folks are back to work and school, is it affecting our dogs? And, can our dogs get and/or spread the virus?   For dogs, having their beloved family members home all the time is a joy! More time to go for walks together, play, and snuggle. A dog’s dream! But, what happens as restrictions are lifted, and a dog’s hu-family starts to go back to the office to work, back to being in-school, or other activities allowed under the pandemic guidelines? While under the “new normal,” old ways of working, attending school, and even shopping have changed. Many people are still working remotely from home, while students’ classrooms go between traditional classroom to at home via distance learning and back to the cl