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Sponsor Huskies In Need for the Holidays and Make Their Season Bright!

‘Tis the season to help Huskies in need! And there are so many who are waiting for their forever homes whether it is in the care of a loving foster family or waiting at a brick-and-mortar rescue for someone to come and welcome them into their family.   Sharing my life with my FiveSibes—Harley, Gibson, Wolfgang, Chloe, and Bandit—I learned so much and received so much love back from them. They will always be in my heart. And in their names, I’d like to help other Siberian Huskies in need get a little taste of what a wonderful Christmas filled with love can be like.   Rescues and their volunteers do incredible work. From saving Huskies who have been abandoned, injured, sick, and even owner-surrendered…these caring folks go above and beyond to help Huskies in need…from getting them medical care, finding them a caring foster home, offering transportation, working with them to readjust to love and a home life, training, and helping rehabilitate them and acclimate

Indoor "Snowstorm" With Five Festive Penguins on a FiveSibes #FlashbackFriday

  #FlashbackFriday ~ Christmas 2010 ~ "Bandit"    "Woo. Mom...did you say Santa Paws brought us stuffies?!"  asked Bandit with such a pretty innocent face.   As I was looking at my old photos while writing this post, I can in my mind go right back to this Christmas from a dozen years ago now. And, oh, it sure does make me smile. What stands out the most in mind from that Christmas was two things. First, I was pretty excited feeling like and elf shopping for gifts from  "Santa Paws" for them in our local store. As I wheeled the cart around, filling it with squeaky toys and stuffies - five of each - and then treats and goodies - five of each - I felt, well, as elated as I did two years before when it was their first Christmas together as the FiveSibes. Some days I had to pinch myself to be sure it was all true. How lucky was I?!   I selected the toys, which included adorable stuffed holiday penguins complete with cute little Santa hats and red bow ties (t