Indoor "Snowstorm" With Five Festive Penguins on a FiveSibes #FlashbackFriday

 #FlashbackFriday ~ Christmas 2010 ~ "Bandit" 
"Woo. Mom...did you say Santa Paws brought us stuffies?!"
 asked Bandit with such a pretty innocent face.
As I was looking at my old photos while writing this post, I can in my mind go right back to this Christmas from a dozen years ago now. And, oh, it sure does make me smile. What stands out the most in mind from that Christmas was two things. First, I was pretty excited feeling like and elf shopping for gifts from  "Santa Paws" for them in our local store. As I wheeled the cart around, filling it with squeaky toys and stuffies - five of each - and then treats and goodies - five of each - I felt, well, as elated as I did two years before when it was their first Christmas together as the FiveSibes. Some days I had to pinch myself to be sure it was all true. How lucky was I?!
I selected the toys, which included adorable stuffed holiday penguins complete with cute little Santa hats and red bow ties (teaser here: just wait and check out the photos below for more about those cute penguins). I also grabbed a 50 pound bag of our dog food, and reminded myself to stop off at our city's new doggie bakery and buy them some Christmas cookies. I rolled my cart around the aisles humming Christmas tunes until I found some velvety jingle bell collars and dog cookies, and tossed them into my cart. A I joyfully pushed it to the register, I can remember the cashier ringing me up and asking me in a joking manner, "Gee. How many dogs do you have?"

"Five Siberian Huskies," I answered proudly as I whipped out my wallet and showed off pics of my dogs, ticking off their names: Harley, Gibson, Wolfie, Chloe, and Bandit. And then I waited for it...the "Oooohs" and "Ahhhhs" and compliments on their beauty.
"Christmas is a bridge. We need bridges as the river of time flows past." ~Gladys Taber
My day certainly had been made. I was so proud of being their "FiveSibesMom," and loved any chance I got to show them off in the photos I always carried in my purse.

The second thing that stands out in my mind from that holiday is--remember those cute little penguins? Well, better yet, let me just show you some photos...😉
 Part of the stash of presents for my FiveSibes!
Aren't those penguins just so cute?!
"Stuffies," howled Bandit. Riiiiiiip.
"Let's unstuff them all! Woooo!"
Not so innocent!
"Come on Gibson," barked Bandit. 
"Help me rip them apart. It's fun!"
Gibson replied in his stately manner, 
"I do not think that is a good idea, little sister."
"Wooo," howled my baby boy, Wolfie. 
"Bandit just ripped up my penguin!"

 RIP stuffie penguins.
Exhausted after all that, the Huskies needed a nap.
Can you spot all FiveSibes? 
Two are in their fave hiding spot!

Oh, and guess who had to clean up the "snowy" mess? If only I taught them how to sweep.

After a while, they all headed into the living room to relax under the Christmas tree and eventually doze off to slumberland while I watched some holiday movies. Oh, where did I sit, you ask? There is a recliner off to the right they saved for me.
Sweet Chloe was the first to fall asleep, 
as dreams of bones and cookies danced in her head.
Harley was always an amazing "momma" to the three Pupsters even though they were not hers by blood. But, some days, our alpha beauty just had that look that said, "Woo! They're finally sleeping!"

And after all the Pupsters and his love Harley were snoozing
 peacefully, my big beautiful fluffy boy Gibson fell fast asleep under the Christmas tree.
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  1. What a beautiful memory and I agree with you if only they would clean up their mess, you were so blessed to their Mom and you were a fantastic Mom too, thanks for the blog hop

  2. those penguin toys were so cute...for a minute! Your huskies had their way with them!


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