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Fall Back Time is This Weekend! Some Health & Safety Tips for Pets Prior to Turning Back Those Clocks!

    This Sunday, clocks in many areas back one hour from Daylight Saving Time (DST) to Standard Time at 2 AM. So don't be surprised if your furbaby gets you up an hour early starting Monday! Although our mechanical clocks say it's one time, their internal clocks will say another until it all evens out after a few days! So much for an extra hour of sleep! Each year, I  like to recap some helpful safety tips we should do as pet parents, before we turn back the clocks: If your pets are on specifically timed medications, i.e. seizure meds (like our boy Gibson), at least for the first day of the new time change, stagger the dosage times. If your pet typically takes his medications at 7 AM and 7 PM, for the first day of DST, give the AM dosage at the new fall-back time of 6:30 (true time would be 7:30, a half hour later than usual), and give the 7 PM dosage at 6:30 (true time would be 7:30). That way, while their internal clock says it's a bit l