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Woo-Woo! All Aboard the Husky Train!

 I love Flashback Fridays here at FiveSibes! It gives me that time to pause and look back over photos of the past years and relive some very special moments, although bittersweet at times since my sweet Gibson is no longer with us. But, seeing the photos and reliving those amazing moments truly puts a smile on my face. They were glorious moments, a very special time that will be part of my heart forever. I have been blessed to have these beautiful, loving and incredible dogs as part of my family, and what a wonderful life experience to have!   This photo is especially dear as I loved how my FiveSibes always enjoyed relaxing and snoozing near each other. They would always form what I referred to as the "Husky Train" by sleeping in a row next to each other. If I did not have the beds lined up, they would still position themselves in a row! So, I took their hint and always laid the beds down next to each other, per their instructions! As