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Thinking of Harley, Our Alpha Queen, on Her Birthday at the Rainbow Bridge

 FiveSibes Flashback Photo ~  Harley ~ March 10, 2017 Our beautiful alpha queen Harley, the surrogate momma of our FiveSibes Pupsters, would have been 17 years old today, March 10th. Oh, my, that is so hard to believe. Even harder to believe is that she is no longer with us. She was always our spunky, full of energy and joy Husky. In her honor, this will be our special FlashbackFriday post. Oh, how Harley loved to play Fetch! Even as a senior, she would run like the wind, until she became winded, but would still keep trying to get us to "try and catch her!" She was such an amazing girl. Our first Siberian Husky, my daughter's baby...who kicked off our love for the breed and became the head of what was to be our #FiveSibes pack family! Those were the most amazing fun-filled, crazy, Sibe-loving days. I know she is up there in those forever snowy fields, north of the Rainbow Bridge, kicking up some snow like crazy while having wild zoomies with her love Gibson, and pupsters