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FlashbackFriday: Be in the Moments

Flashback Photo ~ Wolfgang ~ November 2021   "I believe in love at first sight and hindsight." ~Richard Madden I love this photo of Wolfie. I feel like when I was photographing him down at his height, we really could connect. On this particular day, I can't recall exactly what caught his attention, but I'm going to guess my grandchildren came running into the yard. After all the others in his FiveSibes pack family had earned their wings, Wolf really missed them. Thankfully, the love of my very young grandchildren brought him out of his grief.  The bond he formed with them, my grandson in particular, brought Wolfie so much much-needed joy. And Wolfie in return, brought so many moments of joy for the kids. My grandson bonded with Wolfie as well as Harley, Chloe, and Bandit from infancy. So Wolfie already had a bond, but when he was solo dog, it was if that bond became something magical. I can still hear the giggles of the kids from playing with him. Wolfie may have bee