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Is the COVID Pandemic Affecting Our Dogs?

  This has certainly been a very trying, crazy, confusing, and scary almost two years for everyone as we are still facing so many uncertainties with the pandemic known as COVID-19. While we humans adjust and readjust to recommendations and mandates on how to #staysafe, especially now as folks are back to work and school, is it affecting our dogs? And, can our dogs get and/or spread the virus?   For dogs, having their beloved family members home all the time is a joy! More time to go for walks together, play, and snuggle. A dog’s dream! But, what happens as restrictions are lifted, and a dog’s hu-family starts to go back to the office to work, back to being in-school, or other activities allowed under the pandemic guidelines? While under the “new normal,” old ways of working, attending school, and even shopping have changed. Many people are still working remotely from home, while students’ classrooms go between traditional classroom to at home via distance learning and back to the cl

Remembering Our #FiveSibes Pupsters on Their 14th Birthday

Oh, my dear beautiful Pupsters. How I miss you three. Thinking of you all on your 14th Birthday. This is a day that was always filled with fun, anticipation, and lots of Husky hijinks as it is the birthdate of our FiveSibes Pupsters Chloe, Wolfie, and Bandit. Today, my pups would have turned 14. I expected to be celebrating with our last pup of the pack, my sweet boy Wolfie and remembering his sisters Chloe and Bandit...but, as you probably know by now, that was not to be. I had to help my boy journey across the Rainbow Bridge on December 4th due to worsening age-related health issues . I even have a few bags of special treats sitting here I have not had the heart to give away yet. I was in the process of ordering him some of his favorite Sassy's goodies as well.   Yup. Bandit was indeed the bandit of the pack!   Wolfie was never much into toys, not like Bandit! That girl loved to live up to her moniker by stealing all of the other Sibes' toys and laying on them! Losing her sud

#BettyWhiteChallenge: Celebrating Her 100th Birthday By Helping Shelter Pets

  We, as so many, were sad to see the amazing actress, comedienne, and animal advocate Betty White pass on December 31, 2021, just a few weeks shy of her 100th birthday, which is today. In honor of her birthday and her lifelong love and care of animals, folks are asked to donate just $5 to a rescue of their choice in honor of the amazing centenarian's birthday. So many rescues and shelters worldwide will receive much-needed donations to help their homeless pets waiting on their forever families. News reports are already rolling in with some amazing donation figures, and this I believe would have Ms. White smiling up Heaven to know she is still helping so many animals.   So pick a local or favorite shelter or rescue and donate in her name! Not sure of where you want to donate to? Since we are a Siberian Husky site, you can check out my list of Husky and Northern Breed Rescues ( *please always check with them first to be sure they are still in operation before sending any donation to

Cold Weather Ways to Have Fun With Your Dog Indoors

  Pictured here, Harley was patiently watching the snow and waiting to go out and play!   Brrrr! Baby, it’s cold outside! With January, comes the arctic blast that reaches out to grasp the Northeast, causing temps to dip way down low to zero and below, with currently there are some wind chills up to 30 degrees below zero! And in some regions, it’s that cold without wind chills. Even areas of the south along the coast are feeling the chill. And right behind this these sub-zero temps is a snowstorm! So not only is is freezing cold, ice is coating walkways and steps (be careful where you and your pup walk), and snow is a-comin'! It’s enough to make Frosty freeze! When the mercury drops, we have to remember our dogs can get cold, too. As the hu-mom to Siberian Huskies, the FiveSibes, this breed can, of course, withstand weather colder than other breeds. Snow is their favorite past time! But that is not the case with every dog. My mom had many dogs, and Poodles w