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#FlashbackFriday: Huskies Winter Chillaxin'

  #Flashback Pic ~  January 2018 ~ Wolf, Bandit, Chloe & Harley I was all set to share a fun summer pool pic today, when someone I know on Facebook posted a pic of a snowstorm and mentioned how when we are complaining about the heat, to remember that in 16 weeks, we'll be battling snowstorms! I'll admit, that was an eye opener! Plus, my daughter stopped off at Hobby Lobby today and purchased some cute autumn decorations (at 40% off already! So one has to scoop them up)! Talk about sitting back a second and thinking, wow...this summer is flying by and before we can say pumpkin spice latte, the snow will be flying!  Naturally, when you have snowdogs in the family, the snow is a welcome sight! Nothing tickles the fancy of a Husky more than fresh, cold falling snow! I mean, look at just how comfy they are out on our covered deck as snow floated down all around. It's almost...magical!  As pumpkin mugs and signs were being loaded into the back of my SUV and a winter blizzard

#WaitingWednesday Rescue Spotlight: Dixie Adoptables~Lucedale Animal Shelter

Welcome back to our #WaitingWednesday posts where we highlight rescues and feature some of their adoptable dogs and dogs waiting for a foster home! While we once were a blog hop, unfortunately there was not enough interest believe it or not to share these beautiful dogs needing forever homes. So although we are no longer hosting a blog hop, we here at FiveSibes will continue to periodically post Siberian Huskies and northern breed dogs who are in need of loving homes while also highlighting the rescue they are at. It is FiveSibes hope that you will SHARE these posts to give attention to the rescue and help find homes for these precious dogs. This week, our featured rescue is Dixie Adoptables ! Be sure to scroll down to see some of their beautiful adoptable Huskies! Organization Contact Information Dixie Adoptables Lucedale Animal Shelter   234 Beaver Dam Rd   Lucedale, MS 39452 Telephone: (601) 947-7994 NOTICE: Due to the ongoing risks associated with COVID-19, the Lucedale

Visit From the Vet Mobile!

  "Woo! Oh, Hu-Mom, the vet just pulled up!"   Pretty cool that the vet office is on wheels, right?!  Dr. Lisa with Wolf and his favorite little human!   This week's #Flashback photo is from just last week!   When we relocated, I was so worried about finding a vet I could trust as much as my FiveSibes longtime lead vets. I did a lot of homework before we moved, and was lucky enough to find Dr. Lisa and her mobile vet office! My senior boy, Wolfie, as many of you know, has anxiety issues. My previous vet always came to our house for our FiveSibes, which was great! When we moved, I was so worried, that I did my research and actually found Dr. Lisa and had Wolf and Bandit all set up as patients before I even had my family set up with new doctors!  What is so cool now is that Wolfie gets his check-up right on the mobile office truck in my driveway. And what is so super is that me and my grandson can come right on in and stay with Wolfie during the vist. Dr. Lisa even let my g

#FlashbackFriday: Christmas in July Memories

  Turn on the volume for the video below!   Flashback Photo ~ Christmas 2014 ~ Gibson, Harley & Wolfie Can you spot Harley?! Today, we are celebrating Christmas in July with a sweet memory from eight years ago...the tree was trimmed, presents were wrapped, and all that was left was waiting for Santa! I remember after putting the finishing touches on gifts and reading through Christmas cards (most of them for my FiveSibes!), I sat down and just let the wondrous feelings of the season wash over me. I always loved when my Huskies were peacefully sleeping after a day of play. They were safe, well fed, exceptionally loved, and sleeping ever so peacefully under the tree. In this photo, Gibson and his true love Harley snuggled together on his bed (can you see Harley?!) and Wolfie nearby. They were all sleeping so soundly, it warmed my heart. Chloe and Bandit were downstairs snoozing under that tree with my daughter as she watched holiday movies. Listening to this video clip and watching i

Remembrance Stone: Forever in My Heart

(Sigh). Love and Time are both funny things. Not in the LOL or ha-ha kind of way, but in the odd, surreal way that time plays in our lives, especially with pets. We all know before we welcome home that puppy, kitten, dog, cat, horse, rabbit, bird, or whatever pet fills your heart with love, that there is a ticking clock playing in the background. While I have had many of the above-mentioned pets in my life, I'm going to talk about dogs because their lifespans are no where near as long as we humans need them to be. So when we welcome a dog into our home, our family, and our lives, it is a commitment for the next decade--or if we are truly lucky--the next 15, 16, or even 18 years. Having large dogs (my Siberian Huskies and my adopted mixed breeds of German Shepherd and Akita, and Husky, Chow, and Shepherd, I know going in the time is on the shorter end of things. When I first embarked upon life with five Siberian Huskies--two a year apart in age, then two years later we added three p